A large glass building with people walking around.
A building with a large glass front.
A building with a glass front.
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A tall building with a glass front.
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1001 Tower Master Plan

West Palm Beach, Florida

1001 Tower aspires to serve as an iconic gateway into West Palm Beach, piercing the skyline of Okeechobee Boulevard with a clear marker of the entrance into this city. The 23-story, Class A office tower aims to keep as many existing structures on site as possible, strengthening the existing active uses, linking to surrounding properties, and strengthening the connection to Gateway Park. This site aims to be an urban pedestrian connector — linking north to south, and east to west. Large garden plazas and a multi-purpose path create comfortable, shaded pedestrian and bicycle amenities to define a new community gathering space taking refuge from a high-traffic boulevard. Greenspace scales the property both horizontally and vertically, climbing the building through planters at every exposed slab edge, rooftop gardens, and amenity decks. From earth to sky, 1001 Tower is a beacon of design — an example set forth for the future of West Palm Beach.