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Despite the number of safety concerns against LOTTE’s landmark Lotte World Tower project, the company has been hastily rushing Seoul officials to give them the green light to open up since the mall’s 1,000 retailers are losing a collective 90 billion KRW (US$87 million) per month in lost sales potential for every month that the mall is not opened on time. The mall was expected to open this past June 2014.

Lotte World Tower – Site Location (37.513215, 127.103809)

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Even though the government hasn’t really given LOTTE the green light to officially open the project yet, I had the opportunity to attend a “Pre-opening” event (that was approved by the government) where the company’s construction arm, LOTTE E&C, gave visitors a brief presentation about the project and provided participants a guided tour of the mall.

The presentation was short. Almost 10~15 minutes or so. We were seated in a small cinema style theater where a representative from LOTTE showed an introduction video (view it here) that showcased the number of safety techniques that the company implemented while constructing the tower.

After the video, the LOTTE rep addressed of the main topic that typically all citizens are most concerned with when it comes to large mega-project like LOTTE’s…parking and congestion.  While he tried addressing these two concepts, I felt he did a poor job at discussing the larger issue at play, alternative modes of transit & the neighborhood’s transportation network/plan in general. While failing at attempting to address this transportation as a whole, he only discussed three points that were related to parking:

1. Lotte Supertower has 700 parking spaces

2. Lotte Supertower will have a parking reservation system that you can use from your smart phone or computer. The system works almost like how you would make a reservation for a movie here in Korea through the CGV, MEGABOX, or Lotte Cinema apps.

3. Visitors to Lotte Supertower are allowed to park for 1 to 3 hours when making their parking space reservation.

Even though there are a few brand, shiny, new, state-of-the-art, underground bike parking systems right next to the new Lotte Mall, the LOTTE rep failed to mention this or show any photos of the great cycling infrastructure that LOTTE Mall is lucky enough to have.



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    That’s quite a hodgepodge of of architectural styles existing side-by-side.

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    Are you talking about the old Lotte Department Store building and the stark contrast that exists between that and the new Lotte World Mall/Supertower? or?