IFC Mall Seoul

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South Korea’s first Western style retail centre


Fig 1. Interior of the IFC Mall Seoul

Reurbanist team members participated in the creation of a retail market research brief for Taubman Center’s IFC Mall Seoul development located in Yeouido, Seoul’s newest business district.

The market research brief focused specifically on aiding Taubman Centers understand their target market by creating several Geographic Information System (GIS) generated maps that conveyed key demographic and psychographic information; the brief also required Reurbanist members to conduct focus group interviews (FGI) with locals that represented the varying backgrounds of the psychographic groups analyzed.

Variables analyzed included:

  • Annual Population Growth
  • Population Density
  • Household Size
  • Household Income
  • Percentage of Housing Units that are Owned
  • Residential Price per m2
  • Housing Units Built After 2000
  • Percentage of Housing Units that are Apartments
  • % of Housing Units Over 162m2
  • Females aged 25 to 39


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