July 28, 2015
Gu'an Fortune Harbour

A retail town centre that aims to serve as the central "heart" of a masterplanned development area  A member of Reurbanist participated in the retail market and feasibility study for a proposed development that was to serve as the "heart" of a new masterplanned area located 50 kilometres south of Beijing. The study included: Location context SWOT analysis […]

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July 28, 2015
Dongdaegu Mixed-use Transit Complex

A new landmark transit-centre hub anchored by retail for Daegu All members of Reurbanist participated in the development of a retail market and feasibility study for SHINSEGAE's mixed-use transit complex at Dongdaegu Korea Train eXpress (KTX) station.

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July 28, 2015
Brand Profiling

200 brand overviews for a Riyadh based leasing project Members of Reurbanist conducted market research and created brand profiles for over 200 international luxury, bridge, and food and beverage brands as part of an overall leasing strategy and plan for a major Riyadh based shopping centre organization. The company researched and obtained accurate market information on key aspects of each brand in order […]

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June 17, 2015
Canmore Commercial Needs Study

In spring 2014 GP Rollo & Associates and Reurbanist jointly engaged to undertake a Commercial Needs Study for the Town of Canmore. The purpose of this study was to assess current retail and commercial services, evaluate Canmore against benchmark communities, reveal gaps and growth opportunities, and inform future policy development. The study was delineated into […]

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March 28, 2015
With Future Shop and Target Closing, do Big Box Stores have a Future in Canada?

It turns out that big box stores are perhaps not as invincible as they seemed just a decade ago. Today, Future Shop announced it would be closing all locations effective immediately, although 65 of the stores will be converted to the Best Buy banner. Many of Canada's urbanists are gleefully writing the obituary of big […]

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March 18, 2015
Declining Canadian Dollar Slowing "US Retailer Invasion"

In 2012 we wrote about how the high Canadian dollar was making our retail sales metrics seem more attractive than reality. Growth in Canadian Mall Sales Performance: Real, or just Currency Fluctuation We concluded that while Canada has seen real growth in consumer expenditures and sales performance, most of the apparent increase may be attributable […]

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January 4, 2015
The Value of a Vancouver View

BC Assessment 2014 valuations have been released and the results for Vancouver are frightening. The average detached west side home is now valued at $1.8 million, while the east side is sitting just under the $1 million dollar mark. Keep in mind that these astronomical housing valuations are happening in a market with some of […]

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September 17, 2014
Lotte Supertower - "Pre-opening" event & Photos

Despite the number of safety concerns against LOTTE's landmark Lotte World Tower project, the company has been hastily rushing Seoul officials to give them the green light to open up since the mall's 1,000 retailers are losing a collective 90 billion KRW (US$87 million) per month in lost sales potential for every month that the mall is not opened on […]

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March 1, 2014
Kingsmills Department Store to Close

In 2012 I wrote about the Kingsmill Department Store and how it was the last of an era. Unfortunately, Kingsmill has announced they will be closing after 148 years in business. The previous article posted can be found below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For over a century, downtown department stores were the iconic shopping destinations in Canadian cities. […]

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February 3, 2014
Pedestrians or Drivers: Who is More Important?

According to several studies conducted on retail spending behaviour, customers arriving at street retail areas as pedestrians often spend more per week than drivers. In a recent article, we showed the results of one such study: Research conducted by Transport for London illustrates transit users, cyclists, and pedestrians spend more per week on retail than car customers […]

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Reurbanist™ believes retail offers cities the best opportunity to recreate their urban fabric.

Developers, investors and governments around the world are recognizing how retail offers enormous opportunities. Retail is the glue which holds communities, neighbourhoods and mixed use developments together.
Recent Articles
Rethinking retail’s role in animating streets and public spaces

For decades, planners, urban designers, and policy makers have advocated for street-facing ground floor retail space as a means of animating streets and public spaces. Retail was in many ways the optimal use for achieving this activation due to its foot traffic generation and visual diversity created by storefront designs, lighting, and window transparency. Many […]

The Benefits of PokémonGo: Footfall, Draw & Leverage

Since the release of PokémonGo, there has been an influx of coverage in what many local business and retail centres are doing to capitalize on this increasingly popular game developed by Niantic and The Pokémon Company. The premise behind this game is to mimic the story and concept of the Pokémon franchise which is aptly […]

The Viability of Vertical Retail in Urban Environments

In the context of vertical shopping environments, a rule of thumb that is sometimes applied is that sales performance drops off by 50% for every floor above ground level. By the time you get to the third storey, you can expect only a fraction of the sales turnover. As a result the space is often not viable. When working […]

Food Lover's Market, Cape Town

To meet the evolving needs of workers and visitors in the core of Cape Town, a new food concept has been pioneered under the “Food Lover’s Market” label. The modern eatery concept brings together the best of an urban grocery store and food court within one beautifully designed facility. Importantly, centralized point-of-sale tills allow visitors […]

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