A building with a road and trees in front of it.
A building with a fence in front of it.
A large display of a computer.
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A building with glass walls.
A building with glass walls.
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Charter Communications National Center West

Centennial, Colorado

As they looked to expand their National Center West facility near Denver, Colorado, then-owner Time Warner Cable turned to Gensler to lead the design, which combined the existing facility with the adjacent lot. The three-story facility, renamed for its new owner, was master planned for an ultimate critical load of 6.4 megawatts and 50,000 square feet of white space. The effort pays close attention to the building exterior, from the materials chosen to the design intent. Curtain walls and circulation paths bring natural daylight into the facility, typically unheard of in data centers. A tour route uses graphics and windows to showcase the equipment and infrastructure, and makes the facility a great marketing tool. Sustainability also plays a key role in the design of the facility, which achieved a LEED Gold rating for New Construction.