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We partner with global financial institutions to create transformative work environments that meet new expectations of employees and consumers. We design workplaces that attract top talent, promote productivity, and offer a competitive advantage.
SVB Securities Boston headquarters staircase
SVB Securities, Boston
Financial organizations are doubling-down on spaces for learning, training, and networking with younger workers in mind.
—Marisol DeRosa, Financial Services leader

Design for culture and employee personality becomes a priority.

In a competitive talent market, there is a need to create bespoke spaces that reflect a firm’s culture and personality. Unique styling and hospitality elements will help office environments adopt more of the comforts of home, while seamless A/V and technology support offers something the home office cannot.


Workplace design principles extend to local markets.

The importance of a unified physical and digital experience across the financial retail and workplace environments will drive the need for new standards and guidelines, placing additional emphasis on design strategy and branding. For large firms, developing strategies tailored to local markets — while still aligning with the overall brand — will be a key differentiator.


New workplace realities require design for new training and development.

Firms that invest in change management and training to support the transition to new workspace designs, hybrid work arrangements, and evolving job roles will gain a talent advantage in the long term. Learning and development programs will need to adapt to hybrid work arrangements and amenity spaces will need to be more multifunctional.

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