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We partner with our clients to develop future-focused workplace experience strategies that drive business outcomes, promote employee success, and enable our clients’ organizations to thrive as we co-design a more just, equitable, and prosperous world together. Gensler’s futures work is not about prediction — it’s about conceiving and projecting a bold vision of the future that we want live in. Our futures work is an opportunity to reimagine the fundamentals of work and life for individuals, organizations, cities, and society at large.

Our strategists are intentional about co-creating an inclusive process that represents the diverse voices of our clients’ organizations. This approach equips a client’s team with shared heuristics for problem-framing that last well beyond our engagement. Gensler’s Strategy team conducts generative research, mapping signals and forces shaping the future, and through rigorous sensemaking, we imagine possible, probable, and preferable future worlds that bring ideas to life for our clients. Future worlds are communicated through storytelling to inform and inspire enterprise strategy. As a shared vision of what could be, future worlds become a north star for new employee and customer experiences, services, and products.

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