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Global Financial Advisory Firm

New York, New York

Gensler worked with this financial advisory firm to implement space and occupancy management processes and best-practices. When the client came to Gensler, it was maintaining 438,000 square feet of floor plan files using a system that was outdated and no longer supported. Gensler worked with the firm to understand its processes and ultimately implemented Wisp™, Gensler’s Workplace Information Solutions Platform, to provide the service, features, and value the client was looking for in an IWMS system. Gensler was able to configure Wisp using the same standards used in the previous system, making the transition as smooth as possible. With Wisp, the firm can now seamlessly complete the entire move, add and change process through an online request tool. The client also takes advantage of life safety overlays on floor plans, feeds occupancy data to its IT department and creates scenarios for occupant moves. Gensler continues to work with the firm keeping CAD drawings up-to-date and advising on space and occupancy management strategies.

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