The Global Workplace Survey Comparison 2023, from the Gensler Research Institute, surveyed 14,000 workers across nine countries and three continents to understand shifts in how employees across the world are working. The survey findings illuminate a critical divide: while employees rely on the office for productivity, it must adapt to their evolving expectations — and so far, the workplace isn’t cutting it.

In this webinar, Gensler’s Global Director of Workplace Research, Janet Pogue McLaurin, is joined by a panel of workplace planners and designers to review the survey’s key insights. Together, they delve into new projects that embody a reimagined office experience, offering valuable case studies for inspiration. Our Global Workplace Trends 2023 webinar covers:

  • How employees’s expectations and productivity needs are evolving worldwide
  • Actionable strategies to leverage the workplace as a supportive and engaging environment where employees choose to work
  • Real-world success stories where office experiences were successfully transformed to align with employee expectations

Watch the webinar and download Gensler’s Global Workplace Survey Comparison 2023.

Janet Pogue McLaurin
Janet is a principal and Global Director Workplace Research who has been instrumental in leading Gensler’s global Workplace Surveys and Workplace Performance Index® (WPI) client tool. A registered architect, widely published writer, and speaker, she is focused on the critical issues affecting the development of workplace strategy and design of innovative workplace environments for a variety of clients. Janet is based in Washington, D.C. Contact her at .
Amanda Carroll
As Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s New York office, Amanda identifies trends that impact global business strategy and design philosophy for some of the most recognized companies, including Google, Deloitte, and IBM. She is an advisor to global developers like Vornado Realty Trust, Oxford Properties, Hines, and JBG Smith on the future of work and how it will transform their buildings and districts. Contact her at .
Carlos Posada
Carlos is a global leader in Gensler’s Professional Services practice who draws on his global design and management experience to bring creative and innovative solutions to every project. Clients and teams alike respect Carlos for his broad range of knowledge for all aspects of project delivery, particularly for law firms and other corporate clients. Carlos is based in London. Contact him at .
Francesca Poma-Murialdo
Francesca is the design director of Gensler Latin America’s Workplace practice with award-winning project experience spanning across the globe. Her ability to balance great design with project budgets combined with her positive, open approach to working with clients throughout the design process has positioned her as a trusted advisor in the region. She is based in San José, Costa Rica. Contact her at .
Johnathan Sandler
Johnathan digs deep to uncover how an organization works, its business objectives, and ways the new environment can help facilitate desired change. He provides strategic planning and consulting services for Fortune 500 companies in New York and internationally. Johnathan is located in New York. Contact him at .
Erik Lustgarten
Erik applies his deep understanding of the technical challenges faced by science organizations to design creative research environments for higher education clients and companies such as Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline. He is based in Boston. Contact him at .
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Download the full Global Workplace Survey Comparison 2023 to explore how the workplace can respond to the global and regional patterns of work. Our data provides key insights into where design interventions can be made to improve the overall effectiveness and experience of the modern office.