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How can museums adapt to provide a great experience for a wide variety of people?

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Museum Experience Index

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Museums are multigenerational destinations that appeal to a wide variety of interests and curiosities.

Museums are open exchanges of ideas. They act as doorways to the past and thresholds of the future. While Americans may not be flocking to these institutions in the numbers that they once did, the National Endowment of the Arts reports that one in five Americans attended at least one art exhibit or gallery over the past 12 months. Museums continue to play an integral role in our communities.

However, like any other institution, museums must adapt to stay relevant. Shifting demographics, evolving visitor expectations, and technological innovations present unique challenges. Institutions are rethinking and reworking their spaces to craft memorable, engaging experiences. When done right, these changes can boost interactivity and increase revenue stability, ensuring that museums continue to occupy an important place in the public consciousness.

Analyzing the comprehensive museum-going experience, from preparation and planning to post-visit engagement, reinforces the importance of museums as social and cultural institutions.

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Bevin Savage-Yamazaki, Christine Barber, Amrapali Agarwal, Michelle DeCurtis, Tim Pittman, Kyle Sellers, Stella Donovan, Laura Latham, Minjung Lee, Georgia Wilson

Year Completed