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Standard Chartered Bank Future Workplace, Now.


In response to growing demand for hybrid work modes, Standard Chartered Bank enlisted Gensler to steer the development of a hybrid workplace visioning program. Informed by learnings from a year of remote work, Standard Chartered Bank sought to radically re-envision its workplace and define an operationalization process aligned with its new philosophy of flexibility and autonomy as key drivers of productivity and sustainability. The collaborative effort included hackathons with the Bank’s service delivery partners and subject matter experts, as well as interviews with senior leadership.

During the process, our workplace strategists worked with the client to sketch out a new normal, which focuses on collaboration and connection. This concept was created in alignment with the Bank’s global hybrid work program for staff and a new workplace ecosystem that encompasses home, near home, and office sites. Gensler drove the development of new design and operationalization guidelines, which detail new approaches to office density planning and zoning that support collaboration, workplace wellbeing, and sustainability, enabled by technology.