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Living Labs content strategy diagram
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Verizon Innovation Center Customer Experience Strategy

Boston, Massachusetts

Verizon’s Innovation Center, which spans three floors of its new Boston headquarters, is a destination that enables users and guests to be fully immersed in the technologies that are moving the world forward. With a continually evolving set of emerging technologies, Verizon called on Gensler to create a customer-focused space and experience that showcases its progress and achievements as a leading technology company. The resulting customer experience center needed to be highly customizable and tech-forward, with the ability to curate content on the fly.

Gensler collaborated closely with Verizon, hosting multiple workshops to gain a detailed understanding of user journeys, demo technologies, and the specific goals and activities desired for each space. Through visioning synthesis and existing space, content, and technology audits, the strategy team developed a thorough experience concept and framework that guided multidisciplinary teams to deliver on the client's vision.

Gensler designed the experience as a holistic, curated journey with the ability to update and customize content for a variety of visitor types and use cases. Activations include a reactive welcome wall, a modular and flexible exhibit kit-of-parts, a set of transformable workshop spaces that reflect a wide range of demos and industry verticals, and immersive presentation theaters. This experience-as-platform is designed to be a dynamic work-in-progress that follows the evolution of technology, innovation partnerships, and Verizon's business.