Research Project Name

Building Trust: Black Experiences in Healthcare

What We Did

Black communities in the U.S. have endured a long history of systematic mistreatment by the healthcare system, resulting in deepfelt mistrust that must be addressed. Results from Gensler’s recent Outpatient Healthcare Experience Index indicate one-fourth of U.S. health consumers lack trust in the future of healthcare, with Black and Latinx respondents reporting the lowest trust. Black Americans also have a low level of trust in their physicians, according to survey respondents.

The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the Black community has only exacerbated these issues, while further highlighting the impacts of disparate health outcomes and opportunities. Our research sought to address this issue via open and honest conversations to understand the barriers to trust in healthcare today and to improve the Black experience within healthcare systems.

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Patricia Nobre, Michael Schur, Amy Carter, Eleanor Ma, Rebekah Gandy

Year Completed