Gensler 2024 Board of Directors headshot collage

Gensler’s Board of Directors

Thanks to over five decades of client-centered design innovation, the Gensler team today literally spans the globe, with 53 offices and 6,000+ professionals networked across the Americas, Europe, Greater China, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Our Board of Directors bridges geographic and cultural differences so that our one-firm firm can run 24/7 and leverage the full depth and breadth of our worldwide team. Directors rotate on and off the board, which allows for a constant diversity of viewpoints, engaging practice and the next generation of leaders. Focused on policymaking and oversight, the Board provides the accountability and transparency expected by a 100-percent employee-owned firm. Board Co-Chairs Diane Hoskins and Andy Cohen work with seven committees and their advisors to address ongoing oversight issues like governance and compliance, and future-focused policy concerns like design innovation, global delivery, and talent development.