The Gensler Research Institute
Established in 2005 to seek out data and insights at the intersection of design, business, and the human experience.

Who We Are

The Gensler Research Institute is a global, collaborative network of researchers focused on generating new knowledge and developing a deeper understanding of the connection between design, business, and the human experience.
Through a combination of global and local research grants, and external partnerships, we seek insights focused on solving the world’s most pressing challenges. We collaborate with practitioners to unlock new solutions and strategies that will define the future of design.
Research grants awarded to date
Gensler professionals involved in research
Research projects funded in 2023

How We Work

Research projects at Gensler are practitioner-led, which connects research directly to project applications. Grants are funded by the firm and are reviewed quarterly by a panel of researchers and peer reviewers. Projects are funded across a wide range of projects and types.
Everyone at Gensler has the opportunity to participate in research. Receiving a research grant is an opportunity for our people to ask big questions, take risks, and learn something new. This enhances our expertise, provides us with a competitive edge across the design industry, and helps us to continually improve the design we deliver to our clients.
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