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The Benefits of PokémonGo: Footfall, Draw & Leverage

Since the release of PokémonGo, there has been an influx of coverage in what many local business and retail centres are doing to capitalize on this increasingly popular game developed by Niantic and The Pokémon Company. […]

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The Viability of Vertical Retail in Urban Environments

In the context of vertical shopping environments, a rule of thumb that is sometimes applied is that sales performance drops off by 50% for every floor above ground level. By the time you get to the third storey, you can […]

Food Lover's Market 1
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Food Lover’s Market, Cape Town

To meet the evolving needs of workers and visitors in the core of Cape Town, a new food concept has been pioneered under the “Food Lover’s Market” label. The modern eatery concept brings together the best […]

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With Future Shop and Target Closing, do Big Box Stores have a Future in Canada?

It turns out that big box stores are perhaps not as invincible as they seemed just a decade ago. Today, Future Shop announced it would be closing all locations effective immediately, although 65 of the stores […]

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The Value of a Vancouver View

BC Assessment 2014 valuations have been released and the results for Vancouver are frightening. The average detached west side home is now valued at $1.8 million, while the east side is sitting just under the $1 […]

Kingmill's Department Store
Kingsmills Department Store to Close
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In 2012 I wrote about the Kingsmill Department Store and how it was the last of an era. Unfortunately, Kingsmill has ann ...